If you have a product or service that really fits our purpose, or if you think you can contribute in any other way, please contact us to discuss what the options are for a collaboration.

On the Vegan Trail aims to provide vegans and vegan enthusiasts, who are interested in travel, veganism, minimalism, food, spirituality, with vegan and/or travel related articles, reviews and products.

Collaboration Opportunities

We welcome you to approach us with any of the following initiatives:

Product/service reviews

We can write an honest (!) review in a blog post about your product or service, provided we have experienced/tested it ourselves.

Product/service promotion

If we really like what you have to offer we can write a blog post about your service/product, based on the information provided to us.

Guest posts

We welcome guest posts on various subjects, as long as it fits within our guidelines and the purpose of our blog. We are looking for original and honest posts, which have not been posted elsewhere. Please don’t contact us if you are looking for a backlink only.

Affiliate marketing

We can write a blog post that includes a link to your product or service with affiliate marketing options. Provided it is something we think our readers would appreciate and we would be happy to promote.


Anything else you can think of that would interest you and serves the purpose of On the Vegan trail, please contact us to consider your ideas.


Please do NOT contact us, if:

  • You are just looking for a backlink;
  • Your product/service is not suitable for vegans*.

All of our services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

* A product/service is not suitable for vegans if it is made from or with animal parts, or if animals have been used to harvest or find these products, or if animals are used for entertainment, amusement, or pleasure.

User Data

We are happy to provide you with up-to-date user statistics*  for our website and social media accounts. These are available on request.

* Unique page views, number of Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest followers, unique visitors etc.


To contact us about collaboration opportunities, please send your request to collaboration [at] onthevegantrail.com or fill out our Contact Form.


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